About Us

Every organizational culture is unique. Employees have different information and communication needs. Leaders may have different concerns and priorities. To deal with these complex issues, we use the following robust approach coupled with firm commitments:

Our Approach

Assess. iMetacomm Communication Specialists

In stage one we seek to thoroughly assess the current situation by gathering salient facts, seeking out opinions of key stakeholders, and surveying organizational members. We’ve used a range of techniques including observations, focus groups, and surveys during this phase.

Think. iMetacomm Communication Specialists

Based on the assessment we think about the core underlying challenges and develop a series of working hypotheses. Then we seek to verify or disconfirm those hypotheses.

Co-Create. iMetacomm Communication Specialists

Working with your designated committee, we develop a plan for moving forward. The process involves bringing together all the facts, analyses, verified hypotheses and impressions in a dynamic brainstorming session(s).

Rollout. iMetacomm Communication Specialists

Using our time-tested method for communicating change or downloading decisions, we craft a strategy and related tactics to roll out the initiative.

Evaluate. iMetacomm Communication Specialists

One of the basic tenets of effective communication is recognizing that “message sent does not always equal message received.” Therefore, it is important to have a robust method for evaluating the effectiveness of the initiative. We often use a Pulse Survey format to formulate this judgment. (A Pulse Survey is a short 7-10 item survey sent via email to participants.) Based on the feedback, we tweak the process.

Our Commitments

We make three commitments when working with clients:

  • We are principle based. Our approach is oriented around research-driven principles that have proven their worth over time. Our research has been published in some of the most prestigious journals in the field including Sloan Management Review, Communication Research Reports, and the Academy of Management Executive.
  • We are collaborative. We work with clients to develop solutions. We integrate our knowledge of the best organizational practices and your intimate knowledge of your organization.
  • We are strategy driven. To paraphrase management guru, Peter Drucker, “strategy is about doing the right things,” while “tactics are about doing things right.” Often organizations skip over the strategy and jump right into tactics. That’s a mistake akin to hitting the bull’s eye on the wrong target. That’s why Metacomm focuses first on building a sound strategy, then on tactics.