Sample Pulse Report

What does a sample Pulse Report look like?

SA = strongly agree; A = agree; U = undecided; D = disagree; SD = strongly disagree

Pulse Report:  August 7
Question Current Reading SA (1) A U D SD (5)
I understand where the plant is headed in the next quarter. 2.25 20% 50% 15% 15%
I understand why the plant is heading in the direction it is. 2.15 25% 45% 20% 10%
I believe we need to reduce costs in the plant. 1.85 35% 50% 10% 5%
I routinely suggest ways to improve plant processes, procedures or products. 1.90 30% 55% 10% 5%
I am actively trying to control costs in the plant. 1.75 30% 65% 5%
My supervisor provides routine updates on plant issues. 1.75 35% 60% 5%
Growth and vision projects are vital to the plant’s future. 1.50 50% 50%
Safety is a high priority in my department. 1.60 45% 50% 5%
N (Number of Respondents) 30
Response Rate 50%

SA = strongly agree; A = agree; U = undecided; D = disagree; SD = strongly disagree


How could the plant do a better job of performing while transforming? (Common Themes)

Improved scheduling

  • Keep a better eye on scheduling of machines, still a lot of unnecessary rinse ups due to poor schedules.
  • Honestly, the best way, but the way that would never fly with the people, would be to get the whole plant on one work schedule so everyone can be working on the same page.


  • By holding more people accountable (especially salaried, but hourly included) to do things right and in a cost efficient manner. I am happy that I have a job in such a good company. I am sick of all the whiners. Can we tell them to keep it to themselves or go somewhere else?
  • People need to be more flexible and always focus on what is important to help us transform. Don’t do the “wrong” things just because it is what you are used to doing. Keep challenging!!!

If you could ask the plant manager one question, what would it be? (Common Themes)

Thanks and appreciation

  • No question—just wanted to say that I totally respect you for the job you are doing—it can’t possibly be easy to keep everyone happy.
  • I have nothing but respect for you. You still make me nervous whenever you are around and I still somewhat fear you. But, you are the best manager/leader ever! Thanks!


  • In the midst of all the work that is on-going, there seems to be no cognizence (sic) of workload. We don’t seem to reduce any new tasks either, irregardless. Why?
  • How can you try to keep the crewing level back up?