Training & Coaching

Metacomm creates customized training and coaching in the following areas:

Building Organizational Leadership

  • Cultivating Progress-making Leaders
  • Assessing Leadership Styles
  • Managing Executive Leadership Challenges
  • Managing Media Relations

Helping Groups Function Efficiently

  • Managing Meetings: Designing the agenda, Facilitating discussions
  • Managing Conflict
  • Understanding Personality Types For Maximizing Performance
  • Developing Problem-Solving Skills

Improving Organizational Communication

  • Managing and Improving Interdepartmental Communications
  • Communicating Organizational Change
  • Selecting Appropriate Channels for Communications
  • Creating Communications for an Innovative Environment
  • Designing a Strategic Communication Plan

Fine-Tuning Business Communication Skills

  • Enhancing Business Writing Skills: memos, letters, proposals and reports
  • Enhancing Oral Business Presentation Skills: informative and persuasive messages
  • Using Social Media for Maximum Effectiveness

Enhancing Interviewing Skills

  • Conducting the Performance Appraisal Interview
  • Conducting the Employment Interview
  • Conducting the Counseling Interview

Managing Public Communications

  • Crafting social media strategies
  • Responding to media requests
  • Developing and executing a crisis communication plan